Our Fix’n’flip solution allows you to purchase a property that needs improvements or repairs. Such property is purchased to renovate and sell quickly to make maximum profits. This strategy requires well-planned financing, financial knowledge of the real estate market, an understanding of renovation costs, and proper knowledge about potential selling prices. Here’s how we help you:


Absolute Capital  75 LLC provides the capital you need to purchase the property. We have less stringent requirements than traditional banks, which makes the whole process short and smooth.

Quick Approvals

We offer a swifter funding process with quicker approvals, expedited underwriting, and decision-making. Speedy approvals are essential in the real estate market, especially for estates with high profits.

Flexible and Personalized Solutions

Enjoy flexible interests, terms, and funding conditions according to the needs of your fix’n’flip project. We offer customized interest rates, loan durations, and repayment schedules.

Less Stringent Financial Requirements

We are more than happy to welcome individuals who have less-than-perfect financial history. In comparison, traditional banks prefer individuals and investors with more than enough credit history.

Renovation Funds

We not only provide funding for purchasing property but also cover the cost of renovation. You can improve the property’s value without worrying about renovation costs and enjoy maximum profit on resale.

Knowledge of Local Markets

Our team of professionals offers extensive guidance and valuable insights and provides necessary recommendations for the fix’n’flip projects so that you can earn maximum profit.

At Absolute Capital 75 LLC. We aim to offer exceptional services, build a strong relationship with you, and prove to be a reliable partner. If you’re looking for a customized fix and flip loan, it’s time to contact us!