Turn your real estate aspiration into reality with fast and flexible private money lending solutions. Here’s how Absolute Capital 75 helps you:

Funding for Various Ventures

Absolute Capital 75 offers capital to real estate investors and borrowers for purchasing and/or renovating properties based on the property’s potential and value. Our funding and approval processes are much quicker than the traditional financing institutions.

Flexible Loan Terms

Our customized financing plans are based on the borrower’s needs. These include repayment schedules, interest rates, and loan durations according to your real estate venture needs.

Credit Requirements

Compared to traditional money lending institutions, our credit requirements are less stringent. We focus more on the potential and value of the property than your credit score.

Specialization in the Real Estate Industry

We can guide you, provide in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, and support you in wholesale, fix and flip, fix and hold, and other real estate investment strategies.

Strong Bond For Long-term Succes

Working with us can lead you to a long-term partnership. We can help you secure funding for multiple projects and create a flourishing real estate investment portfolio.